Extend the Wheelbase

Extended wheelbase – chassis extension

The question most people want answered when it comes time to turn their vehicle into a Dual Cab is do I want to extend the wheelbase or not. Looks does come into it, most people would agree the chassis extension on the second photo¬†looks more balanced with it’s extended wheelbase and we know for sure that a conversion with a wheelbase extension has a much better resale value than one without. However it is far more important to have the vehicle constructed to a type to suit your requirements.

This photo shows a standard wheelbase Dual Cab, this is a great way to go if you need a vehicle for general light goods carrying or camping gear etc. The turning circle is standard and it is easier to park in hard to get spots, however because the tray is mainly behind the rear wheels care must be taken to load the vehicle accordingly to avoid light steering which can be dangerous in different situations.

This photo shows an extended wheelbase Dual Cab which has almost the same load carrying capacity as the top one but it is far easier to load correctly, of course you will have a larger turning circle but the longer wheelbase makes for a better handling vehicle for towing and at speed on the highway

The wheelbase can be extended different amounts depending your requirements, we can advise you on what might suit you before the job is started.

A few things to keep in mind when considering how much to extend your wheelbase:

  • Keep the length of the tray as short as possible to suit your needs.(this keeps the turning circle down)
  • Consider the position of the towbar in relation to the end of the tray.
  • Consider the position of the rear axle under the tray to give the correct load balance.
  • Rear overhang must be no more than 60% of the wheelbase.